Kelompok Studi Pasar Modal (KSPM) Accounting Department – Swiss German University held an excursion to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on Friday, 9 March 2018. This excursion was in collaboration with KSPM Tarumanagara University, the KSPM under same securities company as KSPM SGU, Sucor Securitas.

Several agendas included viewing the opening market session, an introduction to Sucor Securitas history, and a presentation from representatives of IDX.

In the opening market session, students are looked very enthusiast when the Director of IDX rang the bell as sign for the market is open on 9 am. The next session was delivered with a presentation about Sucor Securitas history from Ms. Alifa Yustisia, Head of Branch Sucor Securitas Serpong. Afterwards, Mr. Dendy Faizal and Ms. Mia Muktia from IDX presented the KSPM program and operations and also shared about visiting the issues (kunjungan emiten) activities that has been done several times in collaboration between KSPM and IDX.

This event expected to improve the students' knowledge about stock exchange system and the benefits of being involved in the stock exchange market as well as enhancing the collaboration between both KSPM.