Survey Result 2015

The survey was conducted by SGU to its Bachelor program graduates to alumni class 2015 who graduated in September 2014. Four months after the graduated, questionnaire was sent to the email address of the alumni. Below are some of highlights of the survey result:


Survey indicated that most graduates of class 2015 are employed by both multinational companies and national private companies. Some of the top-tier companies recorded are PT Siemens Indonesia, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), InterContinental Hotel, ISMAYA Group, JW Mariott, MRA Printed Media, Citibank, Deloitte, PT Gajah Tunggal, PT Sampoerna, The Nielsen Company, and many others


The graph indicated that most of the class 2015 secured a job position in less than 1.5 month. The figure that showed no or less waiting period reveals that some of the graduates had already received a job placement even before their graduation time in September 2014.


The graph showed in which range of salary the class of 2015 belong. Most of the survey respondents mentioned that they are offered IDR 4,000,000 to IDR 6,000,000 as a starting salary which is considered as above market’s standard



Industrial Engineering Alumni Sharing 2015: “Man for Others”

Organized by student organization of Industrial Engineering, the event provided platform for alumni to share their experience in searching jobs and building their career. The alumni expressed that one of the strengths of Swiss German University graduates is to be considered to have the same quality with other prestigious universities’ graduates in other countries.  This competitiveness are gained from SGU Industrial Engineering curriculum, courses being delivered in  English, assignments and projects as well as both local and internship program. During the event, tips on developing attractive Cover Letter & Curriculum Vitae including tricks for interview process were also shared. 

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Information Technology Alumni Gathering 2014

The Department of Information Technology held Alumni Gathering 2014 on July 4th, 2014 in conjunction with breakfasting event held in SGU Mensa (Food Court). The gathering was attended by Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) and Master of Information Technology (MIT) students as well as lecturers. Sharing session was delivered by BIT Alumni, Randy, Herbert, Ivan and Michael, founders of IT Consultant company JKOS. During the gathering, BIT Alumni Association was also formed selecting Michael (BIT batch 2006) as President and Harmando Taufik Gemilang (BIT batch 2010) as Vice President.


International Business Administration Alumni Gathering 2014

The International Business Administration (IBA) held IBA Alumni Gathering 2014 on June 14th, 2014 participated by IBA department Batch 2000 – 2009, providing an opportunity for opportunity for SGU IBA alumni to return to their roots, fellowship and to catch up with one another and the extended community at large.

In the gathering, the alumni attended a valuable seminar titled “The Importance of Networking”. The seminar speakers were Dr. Rachman Sjarief, Dipl. –ing, Mr. Gunawan Zuardi, MT., and Mr. Roestiandi Tsamanov. There were also several fun activities for the alumni, such as the stand-up comedy by Mr. Irvan Kartawiria and Mr. Hery Sutanto from the SGU stand-up comedy club. With the establishment of SIAA and its organizational structure in the near future, it would be more convenient for the alumni to organize social events and publish newsletters or magazines. SIAA will also be beneficial for the alumni as it helps them maintain connections to Swiss German University and fellow graduates. Additionally, SIAA will provide a forum to form new friendships and business relationships with people from similar backgrounds.

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Networking & University Alumni Association Establishment – Alumni Gathering 2015

October 3th, 2015, the Alumni Affairs & Parents Relations Department of Swiss German University (SGU) held an event ALUMNI GATHERING 2015 “Networking & University Alumni Association Establishment” to form an alumni association at SGU Campus – BSD City. The event lasted for around three hours with the purpose of building and strengthening the relationship between alumni and SGU. The event was attended by 50 alumni from both the Master’s & Bachelor’s program. The participating alumni came from the 1st batch to the latest batch, who were freshly graduated in September 2015.

The event was opened by Pak Win Sukardi (MBA batch 1/2000), representing the committee, who had arranged this gathering. Then, a warm welcome speech was delivered by Prof. Juergen Grueneberg. Opening remarks from Pak Gunawan Zuardi (MIT batch 1/2000), as alumni representative followed. Next we had an address from Bapak Muchlis Ramelan, the previous chairman of Ikatan Alumni Universitas Brawijaya, now Anggota Dewan Penasehat Ikatan Alumni Universitas Brawijaya, as the keynote speaker of this gathering. He shared his precious experience during his time as Chairman of Ikatan Alumni Universitas Brawijaya and stressed the importance of alumni network and synergy for academic and professional purposes.

The executive board of alumni association:  Bpk. Win Sukardi (MBA batch 1/2000) – Chairman, Bpk. Gunawan Zuardi (MIT batch 1/2000) – Vice Chairman, Ibu Inca Hilman (MT batch 2/2001) – Treasurer, Ibu Laura Khairunissa (IBA batch 10/2009) – Secretary

2015-10-03 18.13.16 group picture 2015-10-03 15.39.18 speech by bpk muchlis ramelan 2015-10-03 15.33.07-opening by prof gureneberg 


Inauguration of The Industrial Engineering Alumni Association and Alumni Forum

On October 17th, 2015, Swiss German University held the inaugural SGU Industrial Engineering Alumni Association and Alumni Forum. With the event theme “Investing in Us (Past, Present, Future)”, the inauguration ceremony was organized by both alumni and the student organization of the Industrial Engineering Department. The formal association of Alumni of Industrial Engineering was inaugurated for the first time. This association intends to give alumni of SGU’s Industrial Engineering department a formal place to share their thoughts and ideas for the development of SGU as well as to strengthen the relationships between both alumni and existing students. 



"Coming Home Networks" Business Administration & Hotel and Tourism Management Alumni Gathering 2016

Business Administration (BA) Department along with the Hotel and Tourism Management (HTM) Swiss German University held an Alumni Gathering, on 11th June 2016 at Intro Jazz Café, BSD City. The reason why those two department held the gathering was because SGU alumni have been spread to many places in Indonesia and overseas and many of them have been employed and achieved managerial position in companies. That was why an alumni gathering can be a rewarding event not only in the area of networking but also it can provide many opportunityies to strengthen friendships and to reacquaint class members. The valuable lessons from the gathering was delivered by  alumni representative from the first batch of BA Department, Dewi Suharsono who shared her career experience continued with a fresh graduated alumni from HTM, Egan. Both of them also shared about their learning experience at SGU and their life after the graduation.


The Alumni of Accounting Study Program Reunited

SGU’s Accounting study program conducted an alumni gathering on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at Batik Kuring restaurant in SCBD area, South Jakarta. In order to strengthen the relationship between the lecturers and the alumni of SGU as well as among the alumni themselves. There have been 6 batches graduated from SGU Accounting study program since 2010 and many of them are employed and had achieved good positions in both Indonesian and overseas companies, while some of them are self-employed with achieving a great success in their own businesses.

The event was opened by the Head of the Accounting study program, Imelda Suardi, MAcc, C.P.A., followed by the Deputy of the Accounting study program, Nurdayadi, MSc., and alumni career experience sharing session. During career experience sharing session, both SGU lecturers and alumni discussed and shared the information about carrier achievements and experiences, job vacancies and the internship opportunities for the students. This event provided useful information as the feedback which can enhance the reputation of SGU Accounting study program in the practical business environment.


Talkshow with Entrepreneurship Club IKA SGU

Entrepeneurship Club from Ikatan Alumni (IKA) Swiss German University held a talkshow, titled "Kesulitan & Tantangan Memulai Wirausaha" on Saturday, September 17th, 2016 at Voyage Coffee, Gading Serpong, Tangerang. Ikatan Alumni shared their tips and experience about how to start a healthy entrepreneurship. Almost all the beginner senses that fund is the biggest problem, but by attended the talkshow, participants successfully received the important key to crack the code.




The event organized by the entrepreneurship club was not only done once. They managed a new talkshow with the topic "Berbisnis Sambil Bekerja" on December 3rd, 2016 at the same coffee shop as previously.