The Student Regiment Unit of Swiss German University (SAT MENWA SGU) won the first prize in Pistol (Non-IPSC) Team Shooting Championship in Active MENWA category at Sports and Achievement Week of Student Regiment 2017. This championship was held by SKOMENWA Jayakarta on May 25, 2017 to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Commanding Staff of Student Regiment Jayakarta at “Perbankin Shooting Club”, Senayan.

Shooting team members of Sat Menwa SGU
Left to right: Egi, Dena, Rachman, Gembong, Arko, Schaga

SAT MENWA SGU is a student organization that aims to cultivate the spirit of Bela Negara in SGU’s campus environment. This event was participated enthusiastically by all Battalions/Units of MENWA and IARMI (Menwa alumnus) from around Jayakarta area and other provinces. SGU sent two teams to participate in the Active MENWA category, which consisted of Gembong Baskoro (Unit Commander), Sesarius Egi Budiman (MT-8), and Reischaga Mohajit as Team 1 and Dena Hendriana, Arko Djajadi, and Rachman Sjarief as Team 2. The weapon used in this competition was Non-IPSC Pistol.

This was the second achievement by SAT MENWA SGU after the previous achievement in National Shooting Competition on April 16, 2017. Because of the spirit, focus, dedication, loyalty, and tenacity, Tim 1 won the first place of the championship. The Unit Commander said that this achievement might be a way to find out the talented shooters among SGU students. Through this activity, SGU hopes that nationalism, patriotism, and love to Indonesia as the homeland could be strengthened.

Participants of Menwa Jayakarta 2017 Shooting Championship