Bank Indonesia plays an important role in the national economy and since 2005, Bank Indonesia (BI) has consistently helped resolve domestic socioeconomic issues. Bank Indonesia programs focus on strengthening the household economy through empowerment, training and education, combined with other social supports. In the education field, Bank Indonesia is especially concerned with enhancing the quality and the competitiveness of the young generation, including supporting educational programs, facilities and scholarship programs as a form of dedication to the nation.

BI Corner is one of Bank Indonesia’s educational programs which has donated a reading corner to  our library, complete with 250 titles (mainly on the subject of Economics), equipped with a computer and TV so students, lecturers and staff can access online information regarding economic issues and the role of Bank Indonesia in the national economy.


The opening ceremony of BI Corner at Swiss German University was held on Wednesday, 10 May 2017, opened with a welcome speech by Vice Rector of Non-Academic Affairs  of SGU, Mr. Edward Boris Manurung, M.Eng. and representative of the Foundation of Indonesia’s Library Development (Yayasan Pengembangan Perpustakaan Indonesia), Mrs. Trini Haryanti, a partner of Bank Indonesia in delivering BI Corner to the Swiss German University. BI Corner can now officially be used by library users.

To support this event, the library also held an essay competition and presentation on Ekonomi Kerakyatan, participated in by 5 students from the Faculty of Business Administration and Humanities. The winners recived a cash award and vouchers to purchase books at a local bookstore.