The Accounting Department of Swiss German University (SGU), under the Faculty of Business and Communication, conducted a guest lecture entitled “Business Simulation” in cooperation with Monsoon Academy on October 12, 2017.  This class was attended by all semester 3 and 7 accounting students who are currently taking Accounting Information System and Enterprise Resource Planning subjects.

MonsoonSIM is a unique and powerful education platform that teaches complex business processes (such as ERP) through business games and simulations. It is SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) endorsed and recommended ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) basic training platform for universities like SGU. MonsoonSIM is designed for the education industry. The target audience are students who wish to learn more about the business process and business consultancy (auditor, logistic, procurement), and to get a head-start in his/her career for becoming future entrepreneurs.

Business Simulation Class

In this business simulation, the students were divided into groups. Each group runs a virtual company. Students learn complex business processes, industry best practices and basic accounting through fun, involving, business simulation competitions. The simulation covered and detailed the following concepts or modules: Finance, Retail Sales, Procurement, Marketing, Warehouse/Logistics, Production, HR, Planning, Maintenance and Customer Service. The students were very excited for this 6 hours simulation. It is an excellent tool to enhance business theories taught in regular classes.

Business Simulation Instructor from MonsoonSIM