Civitas Academica of Swiss German University (SGU) consisting of 20 persons representing SGU's Student Regiment Alumni (IARMI), SGU's Student Regiment (MENWA), Heads of Study Program, lecturers, and students paid a "special field trip" visit to the underground of the Jakarta MRT Project on August 3, 2017. The purpose of this "field trip" visit was to gain comprehensive knowledge and experience of the project development of the coming Mass Rapid Transport in Jakarta. This was a special visit for the team of SGU as it was the first time in Indonesia.

The Swiss German University Team

The SGU team, among others, consisted of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and IT Dr. Ir. Gembong Baskoro, M.Sc., Head of Master's of Mechanical Engineering Dena Hendriana, B.Sc, SM, Sc.D., Head of Master's of Information Technology Dr. Eka Budiarto, ST, M.Sc., Head of Bachelor's of Mechatronics Leo P. Rusli, BS, MS, Ph.D, Deputy Head of Mechatronics Erikson Sinaga, ST, M.Kom, Head of Bachelor's of Industrial Engineering Dr. Tanika Sofianti, ST, MT, Deputy Head of Bachelor's of Information Technology Dr. Maula Hikmah Galinium, ST, M.Sc., Deputy Head of Bachelor's of International Business Fiter Abadi, MBA, Chief of IARMI commissariat SGU Dr. Rachman Sjarief, MM, MH, Secretary of IARMI commissariat SGU Ir. Arko Djajadi, Ph.D., Platoon Commander of SGU Student Regiment Sesarius Egi Budiman.

During this visit, SGU team was warmly welcomed by the officials of PT MRT Jakarta and contunued with a project presentation regarding the general overview of the project. The presentation covered broad aspects of MRT project management including but not limited to objectives and goals of the project, financing, technical aspects, and future development of the project. As a whole, the presentation was a great expereience to gain comprehensive knowledge related to the MRT project.

Underground MRT Tunnel

After the project presentation, the team was accompanied to visit the underground of the "on-going" MRT Project located in Bundaran Hotel Indonesia. Perhaps this was the experience that everybody was looking forward to. The team was amazed with the underground civil construction of the tunnel as well as the method of building an underground terminal and shopping center. The team oberved closely the tunneling process until it was round covered by bolts connected to pieces of precast concrete. The precision was amazing. During the underground observation, the team was escorted by an official of PT MRT Jakarta who explained in detail the construction process, the method used, and the next process to be done. The SGU team enthusiastically listened to the explanation and raised so many question as they, of course, had never seen this before.

Underground MRT Tunnel

Underground MRT Terminal

Finally, after so many hours of observing the underground MRT project, the SGU team ended this very exciting field trip with a presentation of token of mementos to officials of PT MRT Jakarta to mark the milestone and to thank for the opportunity that had been given. (GB)