* Please note that the Acceptance letter and other related information about payment schedule and re-registration will be sent by email to the students within not later than one week                
* Candidates whom are not in the list can take the Re-test on 10 June 2017                
* Candidates whom applying for Scholarship Profession/Community will be published on 19 may 2017                
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Entrance Test 13 May 2017        
Result for Regular     

Fajrie Samahita 13.05.2017.0005 Public Relations
Marcia Arini Ardyanti 13.05.2017.0001 Food Technology
Muhammad Munadi Hayyana 22.01.2017.0017 Industrial Engineering
Muhammad Satrio Pamungkas 13.05.2017.0009 Information Technology



Entrance Test 13 May 2017        
Result for Profession / Community Scholarship     

Elga Fatimah Saki 13.05.2017.0011 Biomedical Engineerings
Ghaisani Diyan Qonitati 13.05.2017.0003 Food Technology
Iqbal Rifaldi 13.05.2017.0012 Information Technology

* Candidates whom applying for Profession / Community Scholarship but not in the list above, please refer to email that will be sent by Today at 16:00 pm