International Business Entrepreneurship Festival activities (IBEF 2017) is the 7th activity of Entrepreneurship Exhibition, organized by the International Business Administration Program Study of the University of Swiss German. This activity is a form of responsibility and concern for our efforts on the development of entrepreneurship in the country, which is based on condition that the entrepreneur number in Indonesia is still relatively small.

Therefore as one of the institutions of higher education and have a responsibility to promote the welfare of the Indonesian population while maintaining the environment, The Business Administration Department – Swiss German University intends to organize training activities for youth entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial competition with the theme of: “Local Wisdom for the Entrepreneurship”.

As young entrepreneurs, it is important to be able to create an innovative product from existing resources. In short, we want to change a limited resource into unlimited ideas.  Furthermore, we choose Indonesian fabric for the business materials, such us batik and tenun. They also have many unique features that come from various province in Indonesia that might become a good business opportunity.

The participants of IBEF 2017 are students of semester 5 of Business Administration Department. Students of semester 5 will do a business competition and product exhibition in which they have developed the idea since semester 3. The IBEF event is one of the strengths in Business Administration Department, SGU. The event is building and facilitating student’s spirit and skill in entrepreneurship.


  1. Business Talk Show
  2. CEO Talk
  3. Campaign on the Stage
  4. Product Exhibition
  5. Selling Activities
  6. Music Performances
  7. BIC Presentation
  8. Start Up Business Competition
  9. Awarding Night

Date : 16 November & 7,8,9 Desember 2017
Location : SGU Campus Alam Sutera (For Start Up Business Presentation) & Gandaria City Mall