On Friday, 23rd March 2018, the fourth semester students from Business Administration department went on an excursion to Jakarta Creative Hub (JCH) in Tanah Abang, Jakarta to learn from the best and get vast insights to develop their business sensitivity and knowledge. The trip also prepared the students for their next project, to create a potential business idea and convert it into a real business model. During the process, they had to validate their ideas first.

In the sharing session, there were five founders from four startups as the speakers. They were Angela Kurniawan from Bits & Bobs, Irene Chandra and Inneke from Offset Outfitters, Gabe P. Sibarani from Tiba, and Avi Andriane from Ruang Rusa. Jakarta Creative Hub was selected because it is an incubator provided by the Government of DKI Jakarta for creative youngsters to develop their interests and talents in the business field with facilities such as co-working space and maker-space free of charge for 1 year. There are 12 tenants in the co-working space each year and they were screened based on their 3-year business plan. If selected, the tenants can use the space to make the prototype of their business. Furthermore, JCH also holds many events for their partners and the public, such as workshops, seminars, and talk shows.

The students were very enthusiastic during the Q&A session. They learned a lot during the excursion, particularly when making a business, you must have uniqueness that can differentiate you from the competition, you can start from your needs, do not wish for the big gain at the beginning, do not be afraid to try again if your first business fails, and you have to be smart to look at every opportunity.