Faculty of Engineering and IT (FEIT) to become the best education institution that is superior in engineering and information technology class with global competitiveness as well as integrity, learning culture, and high social responsibility.


  1. To conduct education with good faculty governance that fulfill the principles of discipline, transparency, accountability, responsibility, and fairness
  2. To perform “Tri Dharma” higher education activities in order to produce graduates with both national and global competitiveness, honesty, integrity, and social responsibility
  3. To conduct the best in its class for Science & Technology research and development as a part of increasing the nation’s level of competitiveness and human civilization



  1. To produce tenacious and tough graduates who possess balanced hard and soft skills
  2. To produce graduates with good character, integrity as well as technical, managerial, entrepreneurial, and leadership competence thus able to be adaptable to environment changes
  3. To create scientific work for society and industry that is developed through good academic culture



Our CREATE values are Creativity, Respect, Equality, Accountability, Thrust, Enjoyness

Bachelor and Master study programs under the Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology are Bachelor of Mechatronics, Information Tecnology, and Industrial Engineering as well as Master of Information Technology (MIT) and Master of Mechanical Engineering in Mechatronics (MME).

Faculty Members


Dr. Ir. Gembong Baskoro, M.Sc.

Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

  • Doctor of Management of Technology at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Nederland 
  • Master of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Tulsa – Oklahoma USA
  • Ir of Mechanical Engineering, at Brawijaya University – Malang 
Dean Profile