On October 24, 2017, the SGU Accounting study program conducted an excursion to PT Akasha Wira International, Tbk in Cibinong. The company is well known for producing Nestle Pure Life, formerly known as Ades Water. The excursion aimed to educate the students about working in a factory and to gain knowledge about cost accounting by looking at the real practice. As one of Nestle’s main factories in Indonesia, this factory produces two mineral drinking water products, which are the on-the-go consumption bottles (330ML and 600ML), and the bottled water in gallon produced by Nestle called Vica Royal.


During the visit, the production manager presented the production process and the factory safety manager presented about rules and regulations in visiting the factory. The students also had a tour inside the factory to observe the production process of both bottle and gallon water products. The tour was very useful for the students to know about the mass production of mineral drinking water and to estimate the cost for each production process.