The Accounting Department under the Faculty of Business Administration and Humanities along with SucorInvest Securities  organized a community service activity on June 9, 2017 at Swiss German University campus. This study program invited 13 students from SMK 3 Tangerang Selatan grade 10 to join the workshop. The purpose was to introduce capital markets to the high school student, in addition, to increase awareness of the importance of capital market investment for students.

This workshop opened  with a speech from the Head of Accounting study  (Imelda Suardi, SE., M.Acc), then was followed by a presentation about the introduction of capital market investment by Alfiandri SE.Ak, M.Acc, and the last session was about transaction execution. In the last session, student were trained how to understand and execute the buying and selling stock transaction through the system and did  a simulation of stock transaction.

The Capital Market Investment community service  is very important to students in grade 10. It can enrich their basic knowledge in the area of investment including  its true definition and the variety of investment products in the capital market. SGU are committed not only to provide quality education to the young generation, but also to serve the community around SGU campus.