In February 2018, the representatives of SGU Library and Facility Management gave a donation to the two orphans whose father died in an accident near the SGU campus in BSD, Tangerang in 2011. This donation was one of SGU’s commitments to fulfill one of the three elements of “Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi”, which is community service.

The donation was raised from the students, lecturers and staff. It consisted of the scholarships which were already given to the orphans’ schools, specifically MI Matla’ul Anwar Cisauk and SMPN 1 Cisauk. All the school uniforms, shoes, groceries, and cash were given to the children’s grandparents at home. Along with the donations, there was also an activity from the SGU paramedic who checked the grandparents’ blood pressure and gave advice about food and nutrition.

Through this community service activity, SGU is committed to helping these orphans so that they can continue their educational progress by studying at a higher level.