Swiss German University is so proud for the achievement of an SGU students in the Election of Excellent Student of Private Universities in Kopertis. Reischaga Mohajit, who is often called Schaga, has successfully got into the top 15 in the Kopertis IV level and successfully brought himself to the top 8 finalist who will advance to the National level.

Previously, Schaga had passed some selections started from university level up to the rayon level. The election of excellent student which will be advanced to the national level held on 10 – 11 April 2018 at Ristekdikti, Bandung. To be one of the students, every candidate should make an idea, then write it as a paper, present it in front of the panelists, and make a video of it. Schaga, a semester 4 student from Information Technology study program has made a video about an application which can translate a language for deaf people. SGU wish all the best for Schaga!