Up to 100 % discount of Semester Fee for 4 years (semester 1-8)Based on High School Grade Report1. Pass SGU entrance test
2. Pass the SGU assessment interview
Terms & Conditions:3. Submit copy of high school report for class X and XI (Semester 1-4) Minimum required score average is 80.00
1. Maintain good conduct, and become SGU Ambassador, or active in SGU’s extracurricular activities, etc.4. Fulfillment of required documents for registration
2. Maintain an average minimum GPA
Grading for Scholarship:
GPA ≥ 3.0 get 25% Scholarship
GPA ≥ 3.1 get 50% Scholarship
GPA ≥ 3.3 get 75% Scholarship
GPA ≥ 3.5 get 100% Scholarship
3. Get ‘X’ Credit of Non Academic Credit per semester