On 8-12 August 2016, SGU Information Technology study program held a Training Program for the 3rd semester students on the topic of “ASP .Net Programming” at SGU campus, BSD City, Tangerang. This course was an introduction to programming language i.e. c#, the introduction of Microsoft .Net technology, the procedures and introduction of data storage using Microsoft SQLServer, and a tutorial of application creation using .Net.


The objective of this training  was to prepare students for the internship program by adding a portfolio of programming language/technology that  were not covered in the class, namely ASP .NET. Hopefully it could  be useful during the internship program.  For this training, SGU invited Mr. Yuyun Priambodo from Global Network Infinity as the professional trainer.


At the end of the course, the students  had be able to develop a simple information system using ASP .Net technology. It is hoped that this training can provide the knowledge about .Net technology to the students before their 3-4 month internship program in Indonesia.