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About Study Program

SGU’s innovative Communication Science program combines the study of media, communication and culture with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in one of the fastest-growing global economies. At SGU we provide two concentrations in Communication Science that prepare students for a broad range of exciting career opportunities.

After the first three semesters with compulsory introductory subjects and orientation activities such as practical training and workshops, the students can decide on the concentration that they are interested in; either Public Relations and Reputation Management or International Journalism. The internship in the 6th semester gives students the opportunity to experience an intercultural working environment at first-class companies in Germany, Switzerland, or elsewhere in the world.

The subjects in our Communication Science Programme are taught by excellent faculty members from Indonesia and abroad, who all have comprehensive experience in international businesses and education. Our uniquely productive intercultural learning environment offers students ideal conditions to prepare for their professional career. 


To be one of the leading Communication Science Programs in Indonesia, with a fully professional and International outlook.


  1. To provide high quality teaching and learning experiences in the field of Communication, supported by a modern curriculum in accordance with developments in the field of Communication Science and market needs.
  2. To provide and facilities research conducted by the ‘civitas academica’ to develop the field of communication science.
  3. To implement the result of scientific research into society.
  4. To organize cooperation with the communication industry, educational institutions, the government and society.

What You Study

Nowadays, Public Relations has expanded into a strategic communication process that includes image building, branding and reputation, effective conflict and crisis management, integrated communication strategies, marketing and advertising, policy and decision making, and relationships and networks with multiple internal and external stakeholders. At SGU, we prepare students to successfully plan, implement and evaluate public relations strategies in international and multicultural contexts.

In this global era, Journalism has become much more than just collecting, writing, editing, and presenting news or news articles in the print, broadcast and online media. The concentration, International Journalism, at SGU is geared towards the global shifts in the journalism industry by integrating different forms of journalism practice within a framework of technological, political and cultural change. Our graduates in International Journalism enter the job market as rounded, professional journalists, equipped with knowledge in areas outside journalism such as international economics, politics, culture and sociology. 

Download the curriculum here.

Why in SGU

To be one of the leading Communication Science Programs in Indonesia, and be fully professional and have an international outlook.

  • Provides good quality teaching and learning experiences in the field of Communication, supported by an up-to-date curriculum in accordance with the developments in the field of communication science and market needs.
  • Provides and facilitates research conducted by the "civitas academica" to develop the field of communication science.
  • Implements the results of scientific development of knowledge in social life.
  • Organizes cooperation with the communications industry, educational institutions, government and society. 

Career Prospect

SGU Produces graduates who have a high competence in the field of public relations and/or journalism and who are disciplined and ready to become communication specialists in the international working environment. 


Through our co-operation with reputable local and international businesses and institutions, students have the opportunity to complete practical training and internships as well as employment opportunities. Furthermore, in co-operation with our partner universities in Germany, a dual degree (Indonesian degree and German degree) is offered to qualified students.

Internship Destination

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  • Loina L.K. Perangin-angin., MSi
  • Anis Hamidati, M.Comn & Media St. 
  • Ezmieralda Melissa, MA 
  • A'an Suryana, MPP 
  • Muninggar Sri Saraswati, MA 
  • Hasniati Halim, MM 
  • Ade Mulya, MM., MBA 
  • Ramadian Bachtiar, M.Si 
  • Nadine Freischlad, MA 
  • James Hunt, BA
  • Julia Lonan, MA 
  • Ahmad Junaidi., MSi