Food, health and energy are very important for human beings.  Currently, the world, including our country Indonesia, is facing so many challenges with issues related to food, health and energy. Many issues connected with food, such as food security, food safety, food quality, and nutrition, need to be solved with a deep knowledge of food science and technology. Recently, food industries in Indonesia have been growing very fast as the Indonesian population is booming. The fast-growing food industries have to be supported by strong education and research on food science and technology.

Additionally, health care is another important topic that needs our awareness. Considerable research is being conducted in Indonesia on the development of healthy natural products, and drug discovery and manufacturing. Indonesia boasts great biodiversity and natural resources, which make it ideal for such research. Healthcare also needs the development of modern medical devices.

Furthermore, we also need energy for our lives. The energy needs of human beings cannot be fully supplied with existing conventional energy resources such as oil, gas and coal, since they are not renewable. The technical and managerial knowledge on how to reduce and save energy is a must in every industry. We also have to start to use new and renewable energy such as biofuel, solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal energy for the sustainability of our world. The understanding of science and technology to save energy and to provide new and renewable energy is the key for the sustainability of energy.

The Faculty of Life Sciences and Technology, Swiss German University, has already started to give a real contribution in solving the issues related with food, health and energy. The four study programs under LST Faculty, namely Food Technology, Biomedical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Chemical Engineering, and Sustainable Energy & Environment, provide high quality education for students to be ready to solve problems in various industries. We provide a unique education combining teaching, research and industrial experience to nurture the students to become problem-solvers. Currently, our alumni are working in national and multinational companies to give a real and direct contribution to solve the issues related with food, health and energy, with some alumni having started up companies in these sectors. Indonesian industries need more young engineers who are ready to overcome challenges in the food, health and energy sectors.

by: Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Samuel Kusumocahyo
Dean of Faculty of Life Sciences & Technology