• Please note that the Acceptance Letter and other related information about payment schedule and re-registration will be sent by email to the students within not later than one week                
  • Candidates whom are not in the list can take the Re-test on 21 July 2017                
  • Candidates whom applying for Scholarship Profession/Community will be published on 21 July 2017                
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Entrance Test 15 July 2017        
Result for Entrance Test     

Caroline Constanty German 15.07.2017.0004 Food Technology
Cindy Meliana 15.07.2017.0024 Communication & Public Relations
Darya Kompaniyets 15.07.2017.0019 Hotel & Tourism Management
Dyah Turanggadewi Arya 15.07.2017.0008 Accounting
Ervinda Ghina Salsabila 15.07.2017.0016 International Business Administration
Fatmarin Zahra 15.07.2017.0018 Pharmaceutical  Engineering
Geofany 15.07.2017.0011 Mechatronics
Geofany Istunang Saputra Sujono 15.07.2017.0012 Communication & Public Relations
Irfan Ghanesa 15.07.2017.0017 Pharmaceutical  Engineering
Khairunnisa Faza Nisrina 15.07.2017.0021 Biomedical Engineering
Luciana Anjani 15.07.2017.0005 Biomedical Engineering
Muhammad Dandi Darojat 15.07.2017.0023 Information Technology
Rifky Nur Muzakky 15.07.2017.0020 Information Technology
Sara Saleh Salem Al Zabidi 15.07.2017.0013 International Business Administration
Sherrafie Gabrielle 15.07.2017.0022 Communication & Public Relations
Sri Rahmah Gunawan 15.07.2017.0010 Pharmaceutical  Engineering
Zealandra Tihan 15.07.2017.0009 Hotel & Tourism Management