1. Please note that the Acceptance Letter and other related information about payment schedule and re-registration will be sent by email to the students within not later than one week
  2. Candidates whom are not in the list can take the Re-test on 9 December 2017
  3. For Further information, please contact MARKETING & ADMISSION at SGU Hotline Number: 0811-8010-600 or 021-2977 9596 / 021-2977 9597 ext 1501-1503
  4. For documents submission please send by email to: admission@sgu.ac.id



NameTest NumberDepartment
Abiyyu Dzaky Endijanto11.11.2017.0045Mechatronics
Adrian Budiawan11.11.2017.0047Hotel & Tourism Management
Annastasya Fanny Nathaniel14.10.2017.0081International Business Administration
Charissa Andriani11.11.2017.0017Pharmaceutical Engineering
Cliff Jason Tristan Nugraha11.11.2017.0044Sustainable Energy & Environment
Felicia Euginia11.11.2017.0042Hotel & Tourism Management
Felix Brilliant Susanto11.11.2017.0023Information Technology
Garille Tasmara14.10.2017.0056Hotel & Tourism Management
Hana Berliana11.11.2017.0027Accounting
Hansen Hanjaya Setiawan11.11.2017.0008Mechatronics
Joel Arthur Tanong11.11.2017.0028Information Technology
Kevin Halim11.11.2017.0016Mechatronics
Laurentia Mahendra14.10.2017.0012Hotel & Tourism Management
Matthew Edbert Hermanto14.10.2017.0055Communication & Public Relations
Matthew Ryan Norman Moningka11.11.2017.0031Mechatronics
Muhammad Hafidz Annazly11.11.2017.0037Hotel & Tourism Management
Nabila Yussi Fitriana11.11.2017.0036Hotel & Tourism Management
Nathanael Jeremy Andrianto11.11.2017.0005Industrial Engineering
Patrick Wijaya11.11.2017.0038Accounting
Reavina Audrelia Wivanka11.11.2017.0039Hotel & Tourism Management
Rizky Aditya Nugroho14.10.2017.0072Information Technology
Shereen Trixievania11.11.2017.0041Hotel & Tourism Management
Stefina Aryani Winoto14.10.2017.0021Mechatronics
Theodorus Bryant11.11.2017.0043Industrial Engineering
Timotius Christopher Tantokusumo14.10.2017.0036Biomedical Engineering


NameTest NumberDepartment
Janice Jayadi14.10.2017.0030Food Technology
Leonardo Alexander Said11.11.2017.0021Hotel & Tourism Management
Patrick Fernando11.11.2017.0003Mechatronics
Theresia Jessica11.11.2017.0015Hotel & Tourism Management