1. Please note that the Acceptance Letter and other related information about payment schedule and re-registration will be sent by email to the students within not later than one week
  2. Candidates whom are not in the list can take the Re-test on 13 January 2018 by appointment with Admission
  3. For Further information, please contact MARKETING & ADMISSION at SGU Hotline Number: 0811-8010-600 or 021-2977 9596 / 021-2977 9597 ext 1501-1503
  4. For documents submission please send by email to: admission@sgu.ac.id



NameTest NumberDepartment
Andika Tirta11.11.2017.0007Mechatronics
Andrea Felita Cahyadinata09.12.2017.0014International Business Administration
Caryn Tjan15.07.2017.0015Hotel & Tourism Management
Charishaa Theofanny Laturiuw11.11.2017.0020Food Technology
Christina Jasmine11.11.2017.0019Food Technology
Cliff Tangel09.12.2017.0024Biomedical Engineering
Faritsar Yusuf Ibrahim09.12.2017.0023Information Technology
Felicia Nathalie Errat09.12.2017.0030Food Technology
Handy Ho09.12.2017.0008Mechatronics
Irsyaan Wijaya Hartanto09.12.2017.0018Information Technology
Jason Kornelius09.12.2017.0021Communication & Public Relations
Kevin Manuel Ali09.12.2017.0015Information Technology
Marco Tan Utama09.12.2017.0019Hotel & Tourism Management
Maria Annissa Laetitia Vherany Loekitodisastro09.12.2017.0011Mechatronics
Martin Sulaiman09.12.2017.0029International Business Administration
Patricia Hamdoyo11.11.2017.0006Information Technology
Ravalent Marshal09.12.2017.0026International Business Administration
Sabilassami Kartawiria09.12.2017.0020Sustainable Energy & Environment
Thobiaz Imanuel Silalahi09.12.2017.0025Communication & Public Relations


NameTest NumberDepartment
Tasya Graciella Djamil09.12.2017.0005Hotel & Tourism Management
Claristhy Griselda09.12.2017.0009Hotel & Tourism Management
Billy Rusdiandy09.12.2017.0017Mechatronics
Eka Mahardika Yuwono09.12.2017.0028Sustainable Energy & Environment