workshop manajemen perhotelan dan pariwisata

On 27 March 2019, Hotel and Tourism Management (HTM) of Swiss German University held a guest lecture event with the topic of “Your Future is Now” for 2nd semester students of Hotel and Tourism Management and Business Administration departments. The guest lecture event was delivered by the Human Resources Director of The Dharmawangsa Jakarta, Mr. Made Suwenten, and the Training Manager of The Dharmawangsa Jakarta, Ms. Melissa Ririhena.

The “Your Future is Now” topic was in line with the objective of the event, which is to prepare the students with high spirits, positive attitude, and good mentality in order to conduct their 3rd semester internship program. Mr. Suwenten and Ms. Ririhena shared about life and financial management, job training, as well as how to become the best trainee after the internship program.

We hope that through this event our students can show their potential to the maximum during the 3rd-semester internship program. Thank you, Mr. Suwenten, Ms. Ririhena, and The Dharmawangsa Jakarta.

seminar manajemen perhotelan dan pariwisata swiss german university