To become the leading faculty in the field of Business Administration and Social Sciences and to be professional, intellectual, and internationally-minded.


  1. To deliver a high quality bachelor's program in Business Management and Social Sciences
  2. To conduct applied research in Business Management and Social Sciences
  3. To deliver a research and community service development program with the aim of improving public welfare
  4. To establish cooperation with other institutions inside and outside Indonesia

Bachelor and Master study programs under the Faculty of Business & Communication are Bachelor of International Business Administration, Hotel & Tourism Management, Accounting, and Communication & Public Relations as well as Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Faculty Members


Dr. Nila Krisnawati Hidayat, SE., MM.

Dean of Faculty of Business and Communication

  • 2008 Post Graduate in Magister Management University of Indonesia
  • 2000 Bchalor Degree in Management University of Indonesia
  • 1994 Advanced Management Module in Hospitality Management Christelijke Hogeschool Noord-Nederland (CHN) Netherland
  • 1993 Advanced Diploma in Hotel Trisakti Institute of Tourism Jakarta

Dean Profile