Currently, blockchain technology has been growing rapidly and many industries have been starting to implement this technology as a solution to their company’s problems, or even using blockchain as a new breakthrough in increasing their company’s competitive advantage. Therefore, blockchain technology should be learned early at the higher education stage in order to prepare the university graduates to deal with the blockchain technology in the current Industry 4.0 era.

On 16 May 2019, the Information Technology department held a guest lecture entitled “How Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Smart Contract will Eat the World” which aimed to enrich the knowledge of Information Technology students concerning the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and smart contract.

The speaker of this guest lecture, Mr. Rhein Mahatman, a Digital Marketing Specialist and Developer Relation for Vexanium, the first Indonesian public blockchain, explained how blockchain is important in the modern era and the opportunities it provides that can benefit the students. He also revealed that the third semester students can apply for their internships at

We hope that the IT students can benefit from and take advantage of this guest lecture event, especially regarding the current issue of blockchain technology.