MoU for collaborative research between Department of Industrial Engineering-SGU, Department of Mechatronics-SGU & PT. Panarub Industry with the objectives of understanding collaborative project management and organizational challenges as well as learning how to execute project more efficiently. One of purpose of the MoU is to facilitate IE & MT students & staffs to do research activity at PT.Pnarub Industry.


Objectives are to share knowledge and experience between Winteq and SGU, to align in methodology and terminology, to propose a new idea of development, and to seek future opportunity in joint research.


Product Development

7 (seven) points of arrangement SGU and Aerofood ACS :

  1. Encouraging academic and/or research cooperation between the institutions.
  2. Setting-up consultancy in the areas of mutual interest.
  3. Setting-up joint academic and/or research activities in areas of mutual interest.
  4. Resource sharing in the specific area of interest.
  5. Internship and final project for students in the specific area of interest.
  6. Exchanging publications and other teaching materials.
  7. Other activities agreed by both parties.

Danone established partnership with Swiss German University through MT Star program, its management trainee program in which the company select dynamic, dedicated, and responsive fresh graduates. Through the program, a person is expected to be a Manager in about 2 – 3 years. The partnership allows Swiss German University students who are selected based on faculty's recommendation and meet the requirement determined by Danone will automatically join the pre-selection training which enables the candidates to have bigger opportunity to join the MT Star program.

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Cleanroom in SGU Pharmaceutical Engineering Laboratory is provided for students to learn how to deliver pharmaceutical product in safe and efficient way through practise with real machine/ equipment similar that are used in Pharmaceutical Industry. This cleanroom is supported by four renowned pharmaceutical companies; PT Merindo Makmur, PT Infiltraco Indonesia, PT Kusuma Persada Engineering, and PT Fortuna Jasatunggal



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