In industry 4.0, technological advancements that have replaced many human roles with “Artificial Intelligence” have also penetrated the public relations profession. This means that some PR tasks, such as writing articles, could very well be replaced by AI. However, this should not be viewed as a threat to the PR profession. In fact, it makes the PR profession increasingly crucial. There are things that AI does not have, and that is the human touch. Conveying sincerity into writing could build a story that inspires and touches the hearts of many. And this is one of the reasons why the role of humans in public relations will never be replaced.

Public Relations professionals must therefore also master technology to help spread positive images through communication using various technologies. By using technology properly and correctly, PR can also take part in fighting the spread of fake news or hoaxes that are now circulating everywhere.

The topic of the industry 4.0 cannot be separated from the role of millennials, who tend to be experts in using technology or gadgets in their daily activities. Many millennials are influencers for their generation. They are also content creators who are used to posting daily activities and responses to various things. Still, in order to convey messages effectively and efficiently to the targeted audience, one needs to understand the theories and practices of communication science, especially Public Relations.

In a disruptive era in which many industries are said to be dying, Public Relations is an excellent field to go into because it is essential to every business and organization. The skills within the PR field, such as writing, speaking, research and managing relationships, are essential to any job, so PR graduates are equipped with real-world skills. However, international exposure is also crucial to compete in such a globalized industry.

There are limitless job opportunities within Public Relations, ranging from international organizations to high-powered businesses to international PR firms. Therefore, millennials who are into an exciting, fast-paced, ever-changing environment should study Public Relations at a university with a top-notch academic environment, exposure to the professional industry, and extensive international experience. The Communication and Public Relations study program at SGU proudly fits the bill.

by Deborah Nauli Simorangkir, Ph.D
Head of Communication & Public Relations