On Thursday 1 August 2019 Swiss German University (SGU) together with DIVISI INFANTERI 1 KOSTRAD has joined hands with the signing of the cooperation agreement. The signing was intended to create a solid relationship between SGU and DIVISI INFANTERI 1 KOSTRAD. The event was opened by Mr. Evan Yohan Kanter as a representative of the Swiss German University Foundation, and continued by the host of DIVISI INFANTERI 1 KOSTRAD Mr. Mayjen TNI Agus Rohman.

As the first international university in Indonesia, SGU provides foundation scholarship for two of Arhanud’s best officers to continue postgraduate study program at Swiss German University. Meanwhile, DIVISI INFANTERI 1 KOSTRAD will provide state defense training for new students, flag ceremony training, and coaching to the SGU Student Regiment.

The signing of this cooperation was directly represented by Mr. Evan Yohan Kanter as a representative of the SGU Foundation, and by Mr. Mayjen TNI Agus Rohman as commander of the DIVISI INFANTERI 1 KOSTRAD. Hopefully this collaboration and good relationship will always be well established for all of us.