In order to show gratitude regarding the Swiss German University new building at The Prominence Tower, SGU held a "syukuran" ceremony on Monday, March 20, 2017. This event also marked the first day of teaching and learning activity in the building located on Jalan Jalur Sutera Barat, Kav 15, Alam Sutera, Tangerang. Attending this event were SGU Board of Management, staff, lecturers, and representatives of parents and students.

This "syukuran" ceremony was opened with a welcome speech delivered by SGU Rector, Dr.-rer.-nat. Filiana Santoso. During speech, Dr. Filiana expressed her appreciation to the staff, lecturers, students, and parents. She gave special appreciation to the students, who had been strong in facing the challenge, and the strength to staff and lecturers in order to deliver the best education service and quality. In addition, Dr. Filiana also appreciated the solid unity of all SGU stakeholders. "The togetherness that has been built over the years became more solid as we faced this circumstance. Hopefully, this togetherness can be maintained," said Dr. Filiana.

Appreciation was also given by Dr. Frans Tshai, the Chairman of SGU Board of Management, during his speech Dr. Frans thanked all the civitas academica, board, students, and parents. Moreover, before closing his speech, Dr. Frans addressed to the civitas academica community to maintain the discipline in building good character as the young cadre of the nation.

Paretn wear T-shirt "I Stand on SGU Side" | Opening of Swiss German University New Building at The Prominece Tower

During the event, Mr. Adam Buchori, a parent representative, also delivered a speech. He thanked SGU and hoped SGU would continue to deliver a high quality education. Mr. Adam said that he was proud of the parents who showed support to the university during the moving process to the new building. Moreover, most of the parents who attended the event initiatively made and wore T-shirts with the slogan "I Stand on SGU Side" to show their support and care for SGU.

The Chairman of the Student Executive Board (BEM SGU) and Chairman of the Student Representative Council (MPM SGU) conveyed their appreciation for the quick response and openness from SGU. They also hope this transition period will be smooth.

The event continued with a "potong tumpeng" ceremony by Dr. Frans Tshai and Dr.-rer.-nat. Filiana Santoso. Several pieces of the "tumpeng" were given to the representatives of staff, lecturers, students, and parents. The ceremony closed with a campus tour for parents to see the Swiss German University new building at The Prominence Tower.