From its humble beginning in 2000, Swiss German University has grown to be the most successful private university with European connections in Indonesia. Our vision in becoming a globally recognized university with a superior learning culture and high social responsibility has been increasingly realized through our distinguished graduates whose knowledge, experience and, most importantly, character are greatly needed in today’s competitive markets.

Established as the pioneer in offering modern study programs with an international approach and exposure, Swiss German University continues to contribute to the betterment of Indonesia in various areas by implementing international high-quality education, entrepreneurship, innovation, and discipline in our learning culture in order to produce human resources with high competence and exceptional values.

Swiss German University will continue to focus on its development in accordance with our university’s vision and mission by actively adjusting to the needs of industry. We are proud to say that our long partnership with various institutions and corporations in the education, private, and government sectors have served as an integral part of our success. With our qualified graduates and lecturers, we are confident that our aim of excellence and professionalism can be achieved as opportunities for intellectual growth and multicultural working environment are offered.

Thank you for trusting us to be the choice of institution for your future global success. Welcome to SGU, your gateway to global success.


Dr. rer. nat. Filiana Santoso
Rector Swiss German University