Satuan Resimen Mahasiswa Swiss German University (SAT MENWA SGU) successfully won 3 (three) trophies from 5 (five) contested in the National Shooting Competition 2017, held by Resimen Mahasiswa Mahawarman Batalyon IV/Gab Kompi B Universitas Islam Bandung (UNISBA) on April 16, 2017, at the shooting range of Detasemen B, Brimob, Cikole, Lembang. This event was attended by the members of Ikatan Alumni Resimen Mahasiswa Indonesia (IARMI), public parties, and participants from more than 20 universities all over Indonesia.

First three trophies to be obtained by SAT MENWA SGU

SAT MENWA SGU is a student organization that aims to cultivate the spirit of Bela Negara in SGU’s campus environment. This student organization sent 18 members to participate in the National Shooting Competition 2017 qualification, with 8 people registered for individual shooting competitions and 2 teams for team shooting competitions. The weapons used in this competition were SS1 V1 assault rifles by Pindad.

It was a glorious achievement for SAT MENWA SGU to 3 trophies; the first winner for the individual category was Reischaga Mohajit (2nd Semester student of Informatics and Technology), the second winner for the individual category was Dr. Ir. Gembong Baskoro, M.Sc (SGU lecturer and Komandan Satuan (Dansat) MENWA SGU and the Dean of Faculty of Engineering and IT), and the first winner for shooting qualification was Sesarius Egi Budiman (8th semester student of Mechatronics Engineering).

With these achievements, SAT MENWA SGU expects professional shooters to come from SGU and also encourage the soul of nationalism and patriotism among the civitas academica and students in particular.