Swiss German University offers a various range of scholarship for undergraduate program. The scholarship program covering development fee and semester fee with amount up to 100% from semester 1 to semester 8.

Scholarship awards can be based on a variety of criteria including academic and non-academic achievement, entrance test score result, parent profession, and sibling benefit. Before you apply for a scholarship, please read the criteria and eligibility requirements for each scholarship carefully and pay close attention to the application deadlines. You may also read the required document for admission here.


Foundation | Profession Scholarship
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Foundation : Based on families living condition
Profession : " Based on parents' profession: Teachers / Lecturers, Military / Police, Healthcare, Spiritual Leaders
Achievement Scholarship
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Achievement : Based on Academic Achievement and Non Academic Achivement (sport / art)
Top Rank | Sibling Benefit
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Top Rank : School is listed as SGU Top Rank School
Sibling Benefit : Applicable for next enrolled siblings
Best Score | Recommendation Scholarship
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Best Score : Have high score at SGU Entrance Test result as decided by enrollment committee.
Recommendation Scholarship: Recommended by high school teacher or SGU's civitas academica


  1. Term and condition applied for each scholarship
  2. All scholarship holder have the opportunity to get more scholarship in next semester with Best Grade Scholarship
  3. Scholarship process :
    – Submission of all required documents to Admission Department
    – Fulfillment of each scholarship requirements
    – Scholarship announcement will be informed once all requirements are completed
    – The SGU decision on granting or not grating the award / scholarship is final and no further discussion will entered into, once the decision is made.