The SGU Accounting Bachelor Program has been accredited by CPA Australia along with six other universities in Indonesia. By having this accreditation, SGU accounting graduates will automatically enter the Professional Level without having to go through the Foundation Level, which is a requirement to be a CPA.  CPA Australia has assessed the quality of the SGU accounting programs and was satisfied with the academic requirements for entry into the CPA Program.

The professional accreditation is a partnership between SGU and the accounting profession, and is an integral part of our continuous quality improvement process. This accreditation is based on the demonstrated quality of the education experience. The SGU Accounting study program has clearly articulated their objectives and demonstrated that quality assurance systems are in place to ensure that these objectives are achieved. The quality assurance framework includes the following factors: Institutional context, Teaching and Learning, Research, Community Service, Staffing, Services, Facilities, Policies and Feedback from stakeholders.

SGU accounting has now proved the quality of its education process. There are key areas that SGU has considered in seeking professional accreditation of their accounting study program. The initial accreditation checklist included: Core curriculum, Program Content, Structure, Delivery, Entry Requirements, Development Process and Student Assessment Standards.

SGU accounting graduates have successfully completed an accredited program which means they have attained both the competency level required to enter the accounting profession, and the educational requirements for entry into associate membership of the CPA Australia Program. In other words, the Accounting graduates from SGU will now complete the CPA Australia program faster and more efficiently.