Do I need German language skill to study at SGU?

German language skill is not required, however for Bachelor students German language is part of the curriculum which needs to be taken in the semester 1 to 5.

Who is SGU?

Swiss German University – Asia (SGU) was established in 2000 as joint effort between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Indonesia.

SGU is recognized as a university under Indonesia Law, with its licence issued by the National Ministry of Education.

SGU is dedicated to delivering quality education in line with International standards, and aim to develop skilled professionals.

SGU Bachelor’s Degree program offer courses which combine both theoretical and practical training (internship), fully supported by lecturer with qualifications from Indonesia and aboard.

In addition, the Master’s Program which is uniquely placed to produce business leader fit to compete globally SGU also provides intensive courses for further education programs and their certification.

Qualified students can graduate with a Double Degree from Indonesia and Germany, which SGU provides in cooperation with partner universities; surely a valuable tool for future careers.

Furthermore, with small class sizes, and with English as the medium of instruction, you can look forward to pursuing your tertiary education and degree with full confidence. 

How can I join SGU? What are the requirements needed?

To join Bachelor programs, please follow the procedure as stated below:

1. Online Registration (Starts 1 September 2017 for Intake 2018)

Fill in the online registration form and follow the instructions or download enrollment form here and submit to SGU Campus, The Prominence Tower, Alam Sutera, Tangerang

Make sure you fill in the form completely and correctly

2. Pay the Enrolment Fee Rp. 400.000,-

  • By cash to Admission Department at Swiss German University, The Prominence Tower Campus, Alam Sutera, Tangerang.
  • By bank transfer to Yayasan Swiss German University, BCA Branch BSD, Tangerang, Account number 497-056-0578, and send the transfer receipt to Admission Department at fax number 021-2977 9598 (Please confirm to us by phone on 021-2977 9596 / 9597 once your fax has been successfully sent) or to

3. Confirmation

We will send your Entrance Test Registration Number to your email once we have received your transfer receipt

Submit the required documents at least 2 days before the Entrance Test

General Requirements

The candidate should be in 12th grade of high school/equivalent, or

Bachelor’s Programs should not be older than 22 years in the first academic semester

Required Documents

  • 1 certified photocopy of High School official certificate (IJAZAH SMA/SMK/MA) legalized by the principal (ONCE IT IS PUBLISHED)
  • 1 certified photocopy of High School official transcript (Surat Keterangan Hasil Ujian Nasional SMA/SMK/MA) legalized by the principal (ONCE IT IS PUBLISHED)
  • 1 copy of report for year 1, 2 and 3, legalized by the principal.
  • 1 copy of ID card (KTP/SIM/Passport), Passport & KITAS for international students.
  • 2 photographs of 4 x 6 cm (in colour, with red as background)
  • 1 copy of Birth Certificate (Akta Kelahiran)
  • Receipt for the enrolment fee of Rp. 400,000.-
  • A doctor's certificate stating that the student does not suffer from colour blindness (for Life Sciences student only).
  • Candidates graduating from overseas or an international high school should legalize/”penyetaraan” the high school certificate through the Ministry of National Education of Indonesia or do take IJAZAH Paket C

To join Master programs, please click the link below to find the admission procedure:

Online registration can also be done by going through the link below:

What can I study?

There are 3 Faculties with 11 Bachelor programs and 3 Master programs that are offered in SGU:


  • Mechatronics (Bachelor)
  • Industrial Engineering (Bachelor)  
  • Information Technology (Bachelor)
  • Information Technology (Executive Program)
  • Mechanical Engineering in Mechatronics (Executive Program)


  • International Business Administration (Bachelor)
  • Business Administration (Executive Program)
  • Hotel and Tourism Management (Bachelor)
  • Accounting (Bachelor)
  • Communication & Public Relations (Bachelor)


  • Pharmaceutical Engineering (Bachelor)
  • Food Technology (Bachelor)
  • Biomedical Engineering (Bachelor)
  • Sustainable Energy and Environment (Bachelor)

What is the language used in the process of studying at SGU

To achieve international standard of quality, Swiss German University uses 100% English in conducting learning activities

What is the curriculum of SGU?

Curriculum at SGU

1st Year

  • Introductory subjects
  • Soft skills in relevant study program
  • Enrichment program

2nd Year

  • Internship in Indonesia (industry/company training)
  • Knowledge and skills enhancement in local setting

3rd Year

  • Strengthening theory through case study and projects
  • Higher Knowledge enhancement
  • Internship abroad

4th Year

  • Research activity
  • Oral Final Semester Examination & Thesis

What are the Facilities of SGU?

Facilities in SGU among others are:

  • Laboratories:
  1. Sciences Laboratory
  2. Leybold Mechatronics Laboratory
  3. Robotics Laboratory
  4. FESTO Automation Laboratory
  5. Computer Laboratories
  6. Computer Network Laboratory
  7. Environmental Laboratory
  8. Microbiology Laboratory
  9. Biology Laboratory
  10. Chemistry Laboratory
  11. Multimedia Laboratory
  12. Laser Institute
  13. Food and Baverage Laboratory
  • Research Library
  • SGU Lounge
  • Student Lounge
  • Sports Centre
  • Mechatronics Project Workshop

Where is the campus of SGU?

Swiss German University is located at The Prominence Tower, Jalan Jalur Sutera Barat Kav 15, Alam Sutera, Tangerang, Banten 15143. It is inside of Alam Sutera area, near to Mall@Alam Sutera.

Where can I ask for further information?

For more information, please contact us on Marketing Hotline 0811 8010 600 or (021) 2977 9596 / 2977 9597 fax (021) 2977 9598. You can also check our website at