Indonesia as a country with a vast sea area, has the high maritime potential of industry to a defense, but has not been explored well. Described as maritime country, Indonesia has not been able to maximizing the utilization of this potential. Based on this condition, Swiss German University felt the need to explore more into this potential and also take part in its utilization.


Located at SGU Campus The Prominence Tower Alam Sutera, SGU held a focus group discussion with theme Potrait of the National Maritime Industry Potert in Supporting Independence, Competitiveness and National Resilience on 10 October 2018. Speakers at this FGD are Prof. Dr. Ir. Buana Ma’ruf, M.Sc., M.M., MRINA and First Admiral (ret) Ir. Drs. Bonar Simangunsong, SE, MSc.

In his presentation, Prof. Buana Ma’ruf explained about Indonesia’s maritime cluster, maritime policy, maritime economic potential, and the government’s marine highway (tol laut) program to encourage connectivity and effectiveness of logistics distribution by sea. In addition, he also explained how improvements have been made to maximize the utilization of this sea potential.


In the session by Admiral (ret) Bonar Simangunsong, he explained about maritime governance that should be carried out to make Indonesia the world’s maritime axis (poros maritim dunia). Variouparties related to Indonesia’s marine management require a more serious synergy and coordination to restore Indonesia’s glory in the maritime field.


From this FGD, SGU saw that many aspects of maritime were the part for SGU to enter and contribute. Both in terms of conducting technological updates to business management in the maritime field. In addition, there is a possibility for SGU to have a program specifically related to maritime.