The Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, is an ongoing challenge that Indonesia needs to face so the nation is not left behind in this increasingly competitive global era.

Swiss German University's goal for Industry 4.0 is to continuously provide insight to its students about the challenges of industry 4.0, so that they are ready to become an excellent professional in this era when they graduate.

Regarding this goal, SGU held Seminar Industry 4.0: Challenges & Opportunity on Saturday, 26 May 2017. This seminar presented practitioners from data processing, mining and also academics.

The first speaker was Mr. Beno K Pradekso, CEO of SOLUSI247, a large data management company that handles data processing from major companies in Indonesia as well as from government agencies.

The second speaker was Mr. Rony Setyawan, COO of PT Trakindo, a heavy equipment provider company primarily for mining. The company has implemented technology resulting from Industry 4.0 in its marketed products. The last speaker was a lecturer from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Mr. Aulia Arif Iskandar.

At this event, the speakers described how the demand for innovation and automation in their products and services resulted in a more effective and efficient work process. In addition, they also provided information about what knowledge and skills should be developed as a student before becoming an active member of the current industrial revolution.