Tangerang, February 21, 2017. Swiss German University or SGU holds Seminar & Dissemination Grant Research KEMENRISTEKDIKTI 2017, arranged by The Directorate of Research and Community Service (LPPM) of SGU. This event devided into to main session: Seminar on Research Results Funded by KEMENRISTEKDIKTI 2016 KEMENRISTEKDIKTI and Socialization of Research Grants by KEMENRISTEKDIKTI 2017 at OnePM Gading Serpong Tangerang, Monday, February 21, 2017. This seminar is a follow up and prepares lecturers from Swiss German University  who will carry out research with grants from KEMENRISTEKDIKTI. 

Attending the event was the Head of LPPM SGU, Dr. -ing Evita Legowo, a reviewer of KEMENRISTEKDIKTI, Prof. Dr. Ir. Suminar S. Achmadi and lecturers of some faculties. This event opened with a speech by the Head of LPPM SGU, Dr.-Ing Evita Legowo. In her speech, she gave an appreciation of the research that has been done and her hopes for the benefit of the community. Furthermore, she also hopes future research, which will receive funding from KEMENRISTEKDIKTI that can be done in the future.

SGU lecturers who have completed the research in 2016 present the results of their research. The first lecturer who gave a presentation is Ir. Arko, M.Sc., Ph. D .. He presented research titled Measurement System Development and Quality Monitoring Towards Smart Energy Electricity Metering. The second presentation by Dr. rer.nat Maruli Pandjaitan with the title Telang Leaf (Clitoria Ternatea) and The Application Towards Diabetes Patients. Furthermore, the last lecturer who gave a presentation is Loina Lalolo Krina Perangin-angin, M.Si with the title Social Network Modeling in the Social Media and Its Influence on Political Participation of Starter Voter. The last session in this event is socialization of research grants by KEMENRISTEKDIKTI in 2017 by Prof. Dr. Ir. Suminar S. Achmadi. In this socialization, she delivered some changes to the rules and provisions in conducting research grants by KEMENRISTEKDIKTI in 2017. She describes the reference rules should be revised and should be understood by the lecturers who will conduct research in 2017. 

This event showed great commitment in providing the SGU contributions in research so as to provide real benefits to the community. In addition, through this event can also enrich the knowledge of researchers with feedback on every research that has been carried out.