Swiss German University (SGU) would like to congratulate Mechatronics major, Raira Bhaskara and his go-kart team for winning first place in the ‘Gearbox Universitas’ category and third place in the ‘Gearbox National’ category during the 3rd round of the Eshark Rok Cup Indonesia in Sentul.

Gokart 2

Raira Bhaskara (wearing blue outfit), the student of Mechatronics study program of SGU, standing  proudly on the podium for winning the first place

Raira’s go-kart team, the ‘Swiss German University Garage Unit’, consists of semester 2 students of the Mechatronics study program who share a passion for go-kart racing. They placed in 2 categories in their first attempt entering the six-round race. “We are really happy to win the third round of the Eshark Rok Cup Indonesia 2016 in our first attempt. We’ve never entered this kind of competition before and we are very pleased,” said Raira.

The Eshark Rok Cup Indonesia 2016 is a go-kart championship organized by the IMI (Ikatan Motor Indonesia).

Gokart 1

SGU go-kart team: The Swiss German University Garage Unit

Members of the Swiss German University Garage Unit:

No. Name Function
1 Raira Bhaskara Racer
2 M. Ichsan Mechanics
3 M. Nur Pamungkas Mechanics
4 Aditya Sandi Mechanics
5 Darin Soedarsono Mechanics
6 Alfian Wildany Mechanics
7 Mikael Kevin Team Management
8 Mikael Amadis Team Management
9 Davin Edison Team Management