Tangerang, 11 February 2017 – Swiss German University held a meeting with parents and students at ARA Hotel, Serpong. This meeting aimed to provide updated plans that have been prepared by SGU, both long term and short term, to parents aggravated by the forced fencing / blocking action illegally carried out by PT. BSD / Sinarmas Land last December. This meeting was conducted by chairman of the SGU Board of Patronage; Mr. Chris Kanter; member of the SGU Board of Patronage; Mr. Evan Kanter, Rector, Dr. rer. nat Filiana Santoso; SGU Vice Rector, Boris Edward Manurung, M.Eng; and chairman of the SGU parents forum, Mr. Adam Buchori and was attended by around two hundred SGU parents and students.

In this meeting, the chairman of the SGU Board of Patronage conveyed his apologies for all that has happened and stated that SGU remains committed to ensuring a sustainable learning process with emphasis on the rights of students. The updates included short-term plans to rent the Prominence Tower, Alam Sutera as SGU’s temporary campus for the next two to three years. This is the best effort that SGU could make in such a short time with academic activities for the even semester commencing on March 20th. In addition, SGU also guaranteed to provide a permanent lecture building that will be active in 2019.

Answering questions some parents had about the number of lecturers and legal issues, the Rector reiterated that the issue that many SGU lecturers had resigned was not true. “I confidently say that statements about many SGU lecturers who filed resignation is not true. Until now, our lecturers are working together to ensure the sustainability of the learning process and we guarantee that SGU is legally registered as a private university in Indonesia.” SGU Rector Dr. rer. nat. Filiana Santoso said.

The meeting was followed by a question and answer session that fielded unlimited questions ensuring parents would go home with confidence in the commitment of SGU. After the meeting ended, many of the parents stated that they were very satisfied with the explanation given by all speakers from SGU and they expect SGU to continue uphold the reputation and quality that is considered by many as the institution’s best asset.