Swiss German University (SGU) recently organized the grand launching ceremony of SGU’s new campus and a media gathering on May 3rd, 2017 at The Prominence Tower, Alam Sutera Tangerang. The purpose of SGU’s new campus launch was part of SGU’s strategic move to highlight the provision of teaching and learning activities for Indonesia’s human resources as a priority and to reemphasize SGU’s commitment to providing international-oriented education services in Indonesia with an approach to cater to global industries’ needs.

The grand launching ceremony of SGU new campus was attended by several key people from government institution and industry; they were DR. Ir. Agus Pudji Prasetyono, M.Eng., Prof. Dr. Uman Suherman AS, M.Pd., Mayor Jenderal TNI Hartind Asrin, H.E Michael Freiherr von Ungern-Sternberg, Mr. rachmat Gobel, and Mr. Chris Kanter. This event gained significant attention from 23 top-tier media covering the event. SGU stakeholders, such as parents and SGU’s industry partners, were also present to enliven the event. The event was started by speeches from the Rector of SGU Dr. rer. nat. Filiana Santoso, followed by the Chairman of SGU Board of Patronage, Chris Kanter, and the Chairman of SGU Supervisory Board, Rachmat Gobel. After the board directors delivered their speeches, ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted to mark the opening of SGU’s new campus.


This was followed by the cutting and sharing of Nasi Tumpeng to complete the SGU New Campus grand launching ceremony. Mr. Agus Pudji as a representation of Kemenristek Dikti had the honor of cutting the Nasi Tumpeng, and then gave it to Rector of SGU Mrs. Filiana Santoso. The event was attended by Mayor Jenderal TNI Hartind Asrin representing Kabadiklat Diklat Kementerian Pertahanan, Prof. Dr. Uman Suherman AS, M.Pd, Coordinator of KOPERTIS IV, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hakim Halim, former Coordinator of KOPERTIS IV Period 2009 – 2017, Rachmat Gobel, Chairman of SGU Supervisory Board, and Chris Kanter, Chairman of SGU Board of Patronage.

Cutting and Sharing

During the event an SGU Mechatronics alumni presented his research on a car simulator, while an SGU lecturer presented about Tempe Semangit. Both presentations were internationally recognized. After the presentations, there was a Q&A session for the entire media.

William, Mechatronics Alumnae

Mrs. Maria Dewi P.T. Gunawan Puteri M.Sc., Ph.D.


During the grand launching ceremony and media gathering, an exhibition from 11 SGU Bachelor study programs and 3 Master programs was also held. Each study programs presented  their study program uniqueness and their top quality projects and learning methods, for instances car simulator (Mechatronics), karakuri (Industrial Engineering), table setting (hotel & tourism management), Investment Gallery & Tax Center (Accounting), experimental projects (chemical engineering), Bio Sensor (biomedical engineering), Tempe (project food technology), News Desk Presenting (communication and PR.

Through the ratification of the new campus, SGU believes that all students can continue learning, growing, and conducting useful and innovative research to develop Indonesia in order to be able to compete globally.