SGU delegation participated in the 20th International Workshop, hosted by Foshan University, China. The 20th International Workshop is a project conducted by one of SGU university partners, the University of Applied Sciences Suedwestfalen, Germany.SGU delegation consisted of 8 students from Business Administration department and Hotel & Tourism Management department. All the students were grouped into several business groups, consisted of mix nationalities from Netherlands, China, Canada, German, Belgium, Switzerland, and Indonesia. SGU students experienced great moments by learning and practicing the business simulation through learning-by-doing method. The students did the workshop in the first week and in the end, the top 3 company groups got the opportunity to present the business planning of their company in Foshan University. SGU delegation didn't go back home to Indonesia with empty hands, Irfan Hadi Maulana from BA department whose group won the third place as the top company, Adinda Dhiyaa Ramadhani from HTM department whose group won the second place, and Saskya Citrananda from BA department whose group won the first winner. SGU is very proud with the achievement and contribution of the students during the workshop. Moreover, Adinda Dhiyaa Ramadhani from HTM department, received the gift from the organizer as the 1000th participant. 

During the event, the students also visited several companies in China though Company Visit program as scheduled in the program as follows: Monalisa Tiles Company, Midea Company, VolksWagen, and Huoqin Automotive Parts Company.