In the framework of the 72nd anniversary of Indonesian independence this coming August 17, 2017 under the theme of "Indonesia Work Together" with the motto of "Cooperation" and "Gotong Royong", Swiss German University (SGU), together with Pancasila University (UP), and Darma Persada University (UNSADA) on Monday July 24, 2017 synergy their excellence in order to assist government in dealing with a complex and multidimensional problems faced by our nation especially related to national strategic issues. 

The memorandum of understanding of the three universities was signed by Rector of SGU Dr.rer.nat. Filiana Santoso, Rector of UP Prof. Dr. Wahono Sumaryono, Apt. and Rector of UNSADA Dr. H. Dadang Solihin MA. The signing ceremony held during inauguration lecture of Dr. Yudi Latif (UKP-PIP) during his promotion to be a member of the cultural field of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI). The inauguration lecture of Dr. Yudi Latif was chaired by AIPI chairman, Prof. Dr. Sangkot Marzuki, Ph.D., D.Sc. The signed memorandum of understanding is focused on the issues of:

  • > New and renewable energy
  • > National Integration and Social Harmony 
  • > Infrastructure, transportation and defense technology
  • > Human development and nation competitiveness 

Rector of Pancasila University, Swiss German University, and Darma Persada University

This effort is a manifestation of the implementation of the value of Pancasila in universities especially in the application of Tri Dharma where the three universities, instead of working individually, choose to override their differences and to synergize altogether their competence in order to help overcome the important issues faced by the nation. This is a manifestation of the implementation of Pancasila values of “Gotong Royong” which is nowadays very difficult to obtain because it appears to have shifted into individual competition.

With this strategic partnership, it is expected that lecturers, researchers, and centers of excellence at each university can take advantage to perform national strategic research program both individually and collectively.

Another expected impact in this partnership is that the three universities can learn each other on their best practice especially in terms of implementing Pancasila value through the implementation of the “Tri Dharma”. It is also expected that the partnership will enhance comparative and competitive advantage at each university.

Officials from AIPI, SGU, UP, and UNSADA

With the value of “gotong royong” it is believed that the complexity of the nation's problems due to strategic environment change and the emergence of new forms of Threat, Challenges, Constraints and Disorders will be solved more effectively and efficiently due to the increased capabilities due to the synergy of the three forces. In addition, with the exchange of information between the three universities is expected to accelerate the understanding of the root cause of problems.

 Officials from AIPI, SGU, UP, and UNSADA

Moreover, this partnership will open a new horizon for each university that has never happened before especially in research that actually can be done in mutual partnership.  Furthermore, the government can see that the synergy between the universities is the best way to accelerate the competitiveness in universities. (GB)