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Jakarta, 19 September 2015 – Swiss German University (SGU) proudly held its 12th graduation ceremony at Pullman Hotel, Jakarta to celebrate the realization of its commitment in providing high quality of knowledge and global competence for its graduates with a total of 321 Bachelor and Master degrees Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology, Business Administration & Humanities, dan Life Sciences & Technology. The graduation ceremony 2015 raises the theme “Advancing Young Generation for the ASEAN Economic Community 2015” that is meant to communicate the readiness of graduates who have competence to face the economic market that is highly competitive. 

The graduation ceremony was attended by many prominent guest among them were Former Minister of Trade & President Commissioner PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia, Mr. Rachmat Gobel, Coordinator of KOPERTIS Regional IV, West Java & Banten: Prof. Dr. Ir. Abdul Hakim, Counselor for Sciences, Technology & Environment from German Embassy: Mr. Klaus Michael Rottmann, Swiss Embassy Attaché: Dr. rer. publ. Steve Tharakan, Chairman of SGU Board of Patrons, Mr. Chris Kanter, Chairman of SGU Board of Management: Dr. med. Frans Tshai, President Director Siemens Indonesia, Mr. Josef Winter, and many distinguished guests from companies, organization, and institution partner of Swiss German University. 

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“This year SGU grants degrees to a total of 268 Bachelor graduates and 53 Master graduates from 3 Master’s program and 10 Bachelor’s program with an average GPA of 3.20 for Master’s program and 3.25 for Bachelor’s program”, said Rector of Swiss German University, Dr. rer. nat. Filiana Santoso. Meanwhile, the highest GPA from Master’s program reached the perfect score of 4.00, earned by Mr. Yohanes Climacus Sutama who is also the Chairman of SGU Parents Association from Mechanical Engineering, concentration in Mechatronics study program, Faculty of Engineering & IT, and the highest GPA from Bachelor’s program reached 3.95, earned by Benarivo from Mechatronics study program, Faculty of Engineering & IT.

2015-09-19 09.42.45During this occasion, Yayasan Swiss German University also granted the E.Y Kanter Award for Distinguished Achievement in Non – Academic to Eunike Sawitning Ayu Setyono from Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Life Sciences & Technology. The graduation ceremony reaffirms SGU’s learning philosophy that prepares its graduates to enter the competitive market with full confidence. SGU’s international curriculum, dual – degree program, and overseas internship provided graduates with knowledge, skills, and experience that act as a proof to the world that Indonesia’s human resources are as educated, innovative, and skillful as those from other parts of the globe.