Germany as a developed industrial country instigated revolution industry 4.0 as a strategic initiative to provide advanced manufacturing solution several years ago. This notion rapidly spread across the world and regions such as the US, East Asian countries, Japan, China, and South Korea, European, as well as in emerging market such as Indonesia. Internet of thing is being the common terminology with industry 4.0 that could affect every organization in every country, including the accounting industry and the role of the accountant.

Artificial intelligence, cloud technology, advancement in data communication have already fastened the accounting process, leave manual processes behind us. Yes, we are moving away from the bookkeeping and stewardship. Accountant now becomes a strategic partner, thinking out of the box and spend more time on increasing value to the firms.

Facing a new era, we Accounting Study program, introduce our new 2019 curriculum. A part from offering two unique concentrations to develop the competency in taxation and auditing we also prepare our students with the knowledge of Big Data, Blockchain, and Accounting Information System. Thus, we make sure our students are moving forward with the technology in this challenging age. As many people said that this revolution cannot be ignored, so accountant and SGU as education provider stay agile, we move and get with this change by adjusting our method and curriculum continuously.

by: Dr. Ir. Yosman Bustaman, M.Buss
Head of Business Accounting