The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (KEMENRISTEKDIKTI) provided three third party e-journal databases to be utilized by around 3,000 universities throughout Indonesia for free, but they are still underutilized.Therefore, this year KEMENRISTEKDIKTI has been conducting socialization to improve the utilization of e-journal databases to the universities in 11 provinces across Indonesia. Swiss German University (SGU) was chosen as the first host university to conduct the socialization representing Banten Province.

On 8 July 2019, SGU Library Department, in collaboration with KEMENRISTEKDIKTIand FPPTI Banten, hosted a one-day workshop to improve the competency in utilizing e-journal databases of librarians in Banten area with theme of “LokakaryaPeningkatanManajemenRiset dan PublikasiIlmiahTahun 2019”.The event was attended by 50 librarians and lecturers from the Greater Jakarta area.

During the event, the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. Irvan S. Kartawiria, S.T., M.Sc., and the Deputy Head of FPPTI Banten, R. Kania S.Sos., M.Kom.,delivered opening speeches. The main speaker of this event was the Head of Sub Directorate of Scientific Journal Facilitation, Directorate General of Research and Development Strengthening, Directorate of Intellectual Property Management, KEMENRISTEKDIKTI, Dr. Lukman, S.T., M.Hum. After the main session by Dr. Lukman, there were three experts who delivered workshops, namely Yaniasih, S.TP., M.P. from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences(LIPI), Chandra Pratama Setiawanfrom Petra University, and Novita Dwi Anawati, S.Sos., M.Sc. from Airlangga University.

SGU believes that this event could help improve the competency of the librarians to inform the students and lecturers to utilize the e-journal databases which were provided by KEMENRISTEKDIKTI.